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Kale and Pear Smoothie
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Drink to better bones, help for your heart and an improved immune system—you
get it all in this delicious Vitamix green smoothie!

Kale may not be the first thing
you think of when it comes to making a great smoothie—but it is definitely one
of the best! Dark leafy green kale is packed with calcium in a form that the body
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Green Smoothie Recipes

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Smoothie Recipes delicious and healthy…
There are so many recipes floating on the internet now but the basic ingredient
of any smoothie is any fresh raw greens and fruit and the process of making them is
as simple as blending them. These recipes insist on raw greens and fruits which are
rich in enzymes and biophotons, they are a simple yet great powerhouse of energy
an ideal breakfast food when time is at a premium in the mornings.
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